About Event

About Event

Gulf Business Forum is held this year under " GCC Financial technology and the relationship with financial markets". It is expected that Gulf Business Forums will be the largest in Kuwait and the entire Arab Gulf. It is expected that such forum shall be attended by businessmen and investors from all countries of Gulf Cooperation Council.

This Year, Smart Vision and Tager  plans to organize the largest and the most important economic conference in Kuwait and Gulf Cooperation Council as  it is anticipated to be attended by a large number of senior statesmen and senior investors from inside and outside Kuwait. The invitation shall be sent to the following authorities to sponsor and attend the economic forum and conference: His Excellency – Prime Minister, a large number of ministers, Central Bank of Kuwait, Kuwait Stock Exchange, Kuwait Bank Association, all commercial and private and public banks, all international investing banks such as Morgan Stanley, Goldman Sachs. The international attendance shall have an important role for investors, ambassadors, commercial attaches in the following countries and embassies: the entire Gulf Cooperation Council, all countries of European Community Country, United States of America, China, Russia and most Great Countries.

It is expected to have partnership with the largest businessmen associations in Kuwait, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, sultanate of Oman and the Entire Gulf Cooperation Council. Smart Vision Group seeks to get the sponsorship of Kuwait Cabinet. 

Three events in one event :

  • Gluf Business Forum
  • Gulf Economic and Business Awards 2019
  • Gulf Forex Awards Ceremony 2019


A Brief Note About Us:

Smart Vision is a house of experience specialized in Economic forums in Egypt and Arab Nation. Throughout the last 10 years, it organized a lot of economic forums and large events in Egypt, Kuwait, UAE. Throughout the last ten years, smart vision team could organize Egypt Economic Forum. Egypt Economic Forum has become one of the most important forums in the world of Finance and Businesses in Egypt. Smart Vision organizes three important events in the Arab Nation which are: Egypt Economic Forum that has already been held on 17th and 18th of March, 2019 in Semramis Intercontinental Hotel in Cairo. Such forum was attended by the elite of statesmen, ministers and capital men and businessmen in Egypt and Middle East. In addition to Smart Vision Awards Party for Best Awards in Capital & Businesses World for the sixth consecutive year – 2019, it shall organize this year in October Egypt Investment Expo. Such forum shall be the largest gathering of companies, capital markets, banks and Egyptian and Arab Investment Companies.

Why do you participate in Gulf Business Forum– 2019

  • The attendance of the largest gathering for the world of capital and business in Kuwait in 2018;
  • Putting your company on investment map in Kuwait and Arab Nation;
  • Your existence in an unprecedented propaganda campaign prior to the forum and during the event in all media means;
  • Getting the data of Messrs. investors as of the name, job, telephone number and financial suitability, if possible;
  • Supporting the sales team in conducting the largest number of successful transactions;
  • Signing memoranda of understanding with the system of B2B – system of companies among the companies and the largest world and domestic companies;
  • A very large public relations campaign for the displaying companies among press syndicates and new releases on websites and holding interviews in the largest TV Channels. They are different according to the type of participation in the expo and forum;
  • There are a lot of features for world sponsorship and participation offers; 


Previous Experiences & Forums since 2008:

Egypt Economic Forum organized throughout the last 10 years in addition to 30 conferences organized separately for third parties or through participation with one of the companies;

Attendance: more than 10000 persons.

Speakers: more than 200 speakers.

Sponsors: more than 50 sponsors.

Television channels: more than 20 television channels.

Printed newspapers: more than 10 printed newspapers.

Websites: more than 50 websites and electronic newspapers.

Company's Database: it contains more than 58000 thousand customer interested in direct and indirect investments.


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