Platinum Sponsor

Platinum Sponsor

Platinum Sponsor:

  • The logo of the platinum sponsor of the forum in forum advertisements in daily new

    • Highlighting the name and logo of the company on the main panel during the conference

    • Special seminar for 45 minutes on second day " Not for free at an extra cost "

    • Provide free entry visas to Kuwait for your work team up to 3 people free of charge

    • speaker  from Platinum sponsor in sessions of first day of conference "Discussion sessions"

    • Variable banners within the Web site

    • Periodic design of the company on the Facebook page of the event and all social networking sites

    • Platinum sponsor logo of the conference during the advertisements of the conference and not independent advertisements in the daily newspapers and magazines

    • Special booth for Platinum sponsor at main entrance of the conference

    • Data registration from website as well as a complete copy of the data of the customers who have already attended the forum

    • PR campaign on electronic sites about the company's achievements in websites, electronic newspapers and printed newspapers

    • Give the Platinum sponsor empty spaces to put the number of 5 roll up in the forum "spaces only"

    • Special award to your company at closing ceremony



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